FLAMYAR Ointment 100g - Pekana

FLAMYAR Ointment 100g - Pekana

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INFLAMYAR spag. ointment - Invaluable for healing traumatic sport injuries, such as sprains, bruises and ligament strain. In addition, this ointment treats rheumatic, arthritic and inflammatory conditions topically to greatly ease pain and bring quick relief without the side-effects of chemical drugs. It also helps resolve myalgia, contusion, haematoma, torticollis, tendovaginitis, epicondylitis, myogelosis, meniscopathia, neuralgia, lumbago, hip pain (sciatica), bursitis and intercostal neuralgia.

  • Unique Spagyric formula combines 8 ingredients to provide powerful therapeutic relief of traumatic sports-related injuries, such as sprains, bruises and muscle strains
  • Great for bursitis, sciatica, and acute inflammation from injuries
  • After strenuous exercise, massaging Inflamyar into tender points will help prevent soreness the next day.
  • Routine self-massage with Inflamyar into tender points will restore flexibility and elasticity to muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


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