InflaQuell™ 180Caps - Researched Nutritionals
InflaQuell™ 180Caps - Researched Nutritionals

InflaQuell™ 180Caps - Researched Nutritionals

Researched Nutritionals
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Enzymatic support for healthy cytokine, respiratory, and vascular/fibrinolytic function

InflaQuell™ is a vegetarian proteolytic enzyme system formulated to promote healthy inflammation, respiratory, and vascular functioning.* Proteolytic (protease) enzymes break down proteins in the body, including some involved in cytokine activation.

As a combination of highly researched vegetarian enzymes in the proper dosing relationship, along with Rutin’s antioxidant support, InflaQuell™ provides the practitioner with a comprehensive targeted approach. Unlike broad-based standard digestive enzymes combinations, InflaQuell™ targets protein systemically (throughout the body) to optimize patient health. Proteolytic enzymes appear to have an affinity to accumulate at sites of higher cytokine activity, possibly accounting for their role in promoting a healthy inflammation response.

Mechanisms of Action:

  • InflaQuell 100™ blend of vegetarian sourced proteolytic enzymes breaks down certain proteins helping support a healthy inflammatory response, respiratory functioning, and vascular health.
  • Rutin, a bioflavonoid, provides antioxidant support that has been shown to support healthy cardiovascular and inflammatory processes.
  • Ginger Rhizome provides buffering to promote gastrointestinal comfort for sensitive patients.

Optimal Absorption

Studies have shown that protease enzymes are absorbed intact and transported across the gut wall. These vegetarian protease enzymes work in a wide pH range (2.75 – 7.8), providing optimal absorption versus animal-sourced enzymes, which work well only in a more alkaline medium (7.2 – 11.0).

Gastrointestinal Support

To provide support to patients with stomach sensitivity, we included ginger as a buffering nutrient.


  • 100% vegetarian formula removes the concerns about porcine or bovine-based products.
Features Constituents/Actions Benefits*
InflaQuell™ 100 Blend Protease 6.0, Bromelain, Papain, Serrazimes® (endo/exo protease) •  Plant-based pancreatin alternative
•  Protease consisting of amylase and lipase
•  Pineapple sourced (bromelain) enzyme promoting healthy white blood cell count
• Serrazimes® provides a blend of proteases shown to break down protein substrates in a manner similar to serratiopeptidase.
•  Papaya sourced enzyme (papain)  promotes a healthy inflammation response
Pro Capillary & Buffering Blend™ Rutin, Ginger Rhizome •  Rutin is a bioflavonoid that nurtures antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities
•  Ginger gently buffers the capsules for sensitive patients