5 Mushroom Blend Tincture 50 ml

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5 Mushroom Blend Tincture 50 ml

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Reishi, Cordyceps, Coriolus (Turkey Tail), Chaga & Lion Mane Mushroom extracted withorganic cane alcohol and distilled water. 28% alcohol 1:5

Multi-Mushroom Combinations

When it comes to using mushrooms as a superfood or medicine, much of the research and clinical experience shows that they are more effective when taken as a multi-mushroom combination. As many of the superfood mushrooms contain similar chemistry, the combination gives a more full spectrum of the polysaccharides, triglycerides and other phytonutrients they contain.

Synergistically they are work together to enhance the overall immunomodulating potential and antipathogenic qualities that this group of healing mushrooms are most known for. If there is one mushroom in particular that has the beneficial properties that can assist a specific imbalance, then it can be recommended to take a combination of half that mushroom and half a multi mushroom formula to help support it. This can be done by adding additional mushrooms to a tea blend or using a dual extract powder or tincture combination.