A.D.P. Emulsified Oregano
A.D.P. Emulsified Oregano

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A.D.P. Emulsified Oregano

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A.D.P. (Anti-Dysbiotic Product) is an Oregano Oil in a standardized, emulsified sustained-release tablet. This is an ideal product for intestinal infections including SIBO, traveller's diarrhea or chronic candida.

A.D.P is should added to any plan that involves treatment of intestinal parasites, yeast, fungus or Candida. This sustained-release table can help with genital and urinary tract infections.

The major difference between this product and liquid oil of oregano is that A.D.P is designed to treat the entire length of the digestive tract while the liquid drops are far more useful for upper respiratory infections.

Suggested Uses:

- To break down biofilms in chronic bacterial, viral, mold or fungal infections.
- Gut dysbiosis, toxic bowel syndrome,
- Genital-urinary tract infections
- Upper respiratory bacterial or viral infections, especially in the case where there is antibiotic resistance.

ADP can be used with Liquid Iodine and should always be followed up with probiotics after use over 2 weeks.

Ingredients: Micro-emulsified standardized sustained release oregano oil 50 mg/tab

Dosage: Take 4 tablets per day (take with food) or as otherwise directed by a healthcare practitioner. Take a few hours before or after taking supplements containing iron, zinc, calcium or copper. For Oral Health: Crush two tablets in pure water with 2 drops of Bio-D-Mulsion (Vitamin D drops) and gargle once or twice daily.

Caution: Do not take while pregnant/breast feeding.