Methylfolate Plus 120 tabs

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Methylfolate Plus 120 tabs

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Methylfolate Plus serves a fundamental biochemical role in the body. Deficiency of this nutrient causes widespread symptoms and disorders. Similarly, supplementation of this nutrientcan be helpful in a host of chronic concerns.

This product can be helpful to correct folate deficiency, detoxification of heavy metals, reduce severity of ulcerative colitis symptoms, prevent cervical dysplasia, treat vitiligo and several neurological disorders, improve cognitive function, restless leg syndrome, dementia, insomnia, depression and reduce risk of neural tube defects in newborns when taken during pregnancy.

Please note: It is highly recommended to supplement with Methyl Folate instead of Folic Acid during pregnancy for the prevention of neural tube defects.

5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid is a highly absorbable, activated form of folate, which does not require enzymatic conversion, making it the best form to take as a supplement. This product is more stable than other forms of methylfolate and has superior activity compared to folic acid, the synthetic form of the vitamin (which should be completely avoided).

Methylfolate has been shown to reduce homocysteine levels in the blood and improve blood vessel health, thereby reducing risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke. It plays a key role in DNA production and repair, in methylation and glutathione production which are important in many vital functions. It is required for neurotransmitter production and breakdown, in the formation and maturation of RBC, WBC and platelet production and more!

Ingredients:Folate (as (6S-)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt.
400 mcg of folate as 5-methylfolate
25 mcg of vitamin B12 as methylcobolamin.

Suggested Use:1/2 tablet daily as recommended by your health care practitioner.