TMG powder 8 oz.

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TMG powder 8 oz.

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Indications:Use for Heavy Metal detoxification, especially Mercury and Copper, ADHD. neurological function and to reduce seizure activity. Helps to handle stress, improves oxygen utilization and enhances liver activity. Also used to enhance athletic performance. Also used to improve immune responseand to enhance anti-viral and anti-tumor defences.

Benefits those with chronic fatigue, allergies, respiratory disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction. Also helps to reduce serum cholesterol and triglycerides and to normalize hypertension/glucose levels. It has been found beneficial to aid in sleep disorders.

TMG is very important in the formation of collagen and is beneficial for connective tissue disorders of the ligaments, cartilage, arteries and veins. Helpful in reducing homocysteine levels.

TMG plays a central role in the methylation cycle and is often helpful with MTHFR SNPs are present.

Ingredients:Trimethylglycine (Carboxmethyl) 3 grams per teaspoon

Suggestion:Up to 1 teaspoon (3 grams) daily with food or as directed.