DMAE Restorative cream 56 g

DMAE Restorative cream 56 g

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The skin is the largest organ of the body: it is both living and breathing, and just like a mirror, our skin reflects the health of what lies beneath. When we enter this world, our skin is vibrant and clearfree from age spots and wrinkles. However, from that day forward our skin comes under attack. Skin left neglected, unprotected, and deprived of nutrients will age much quicker than if it is cared for.

It is unfortunate that we become concerned with regaining our health instead of preserving and then maintaining what we have. Wrinkles will appear at some stage in our lives, but they can be controlled and reduced with proper care.

Now is your chance to do just that: maintain your skin and with our DMAE Restorative (Treatment) cream. Along with a balanced diet, adequate sun, and plenty of water, you will succeed!


DMAE: (dimethylaminoethanol an amino acid)

DMAE is a nutrient found naturally in foods such as herring and sardines. DMAE is the immediate precursor to acetylcholine, which is responsible for building and repairing cell membranes, especially in the brain and central nervous system. DMAE contains important proven nutrients for collagen support and for skin maintenance and repair. For more information about the benefits of DMAE, clickhere.

Benefits & Characteristics:
Benefits red blood cells carrying oxygen to the tissues.
Stabilizes membranes and inhibits the accumulation of lipofuscin (age spots).

Ester C functions as a proven antioxidant that helps to prevent free radical damage in all environments.

Benefits & Characteristics:
Can be used by individuals with sensitive skin.
Helps protect from damaging free radicals in the environment.
Lipid soluble, neutral pH, non-acidic, thus, non-irritating and non-stinging.
This form of Vitamin C can penetrate the surface of the skin rapidly in amounts greater than can be achieved by water soluble Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid).

A powerful antioxidant, soluble in both water and lipid, Alpha Lipoic Acid is called the Universal Antioxidant because of its dual solubility. ALA is called the Metabolic Antioxidant because it plays a vital role in the energy production of the cells.

Benefits & Characteristics:
Able to penetrate and protect both water and lipid portions of skin with potent antioxidant benefits. Increases levels of other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and E, in the cells.
Rapidly available to the skin.
Skin develops a healthy youthful glow / appearance.
Gentle yet powerful 400 times more potent an antioxidant than Vitamins C or E.
Naturally occurring in skin tissue.
Optimizes efficiency, energy production, and exfoliation of the skin.

Glycolic acid works to minimize large pores, while reducing the appearance of scarring and skin discolorations. Soothing benefits reduce the appearance of ruddiness providing a smoother, porcelain-like complexion.

Benefits & Characteristics:
Gently removes dry dead skin, while keeping skin surface clean.
Provides added antioxidant benefits to the skin.
Glycolic acid is formulated to be very gentle, yet highly effective.
Helps in the gradual removal of dead, dry skin

DMAE Restorative (Treatment) cream is made with only natural ingredients; no chemical stabilizers are used. You will NOT find any Propylene Glycol or Polyethylene Glycol in our formula. These chemicals are used to produce anti-freeze, and should not be used in a skin cream.

To maximize the benefits of DMAE Restorative (Treatment) cream, we needed very high levels of concentrated (essential) ingredients. We chose the natural way, knowing the damages chemicals additives would produce within the body.

We are sure you will love the results; use twice daily on cleaned skin. The cream can also be used under makeup or sunscreen.

Recommended Dosage as per Health Canada Label ClaimsAdults: Apply to the entire face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes, a tingling will occur. Discontinue if rash or other skin irritation occurs.