Fresh Fruit Super Shower Gel 355mL

Fresh Fruit Super Shower Gel 355mL

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Nutribiotic - Super Shower Gel Non-Soap Shampoo With GSE Fresh Fruit Scent - 12 oz.

NutriBiotic Fresh Fruit Super Shower Gel contains Citricidal, a natural standardized extract of grapefruit. Citricidal has been clinically proven to promote and maintain healthy skin tissue.

NutriBiotic Super Shower Gel is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • pH Balanced
  • Paraben Free

This moisturizing, non-soap formula is designed for your entire body, including your hair. Gentle and non-drying, its deep cleansing action leaves no pore-clogging residue. Natural plant moisturizers help maintain your skin's moisture mantle and pH balance. Ideal for all types of skin and hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:
I've tried your Non-Soap Skin Cleansers and like them. How is your Super Shower Gel different?
NutriBiotic Super Shower Gel is a wonderfully versatile product. They affectionately call it a Whole Body Moisturizing Shampoo because it truly will take care of all your personal hygiene needs, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Super Shower Gel is thicker than their Non-Soap Skin Cleansers and contains extra moisturizers and conditioners. It makes a great shampoo for all hair types except dry or coarse, and it is fabulous for shaving.

Is your Super Shower Gel safe for children to use?
Yes, our product is mild and gentle enough for children.

Is your Super Shower Gel all natural? I am concerned about artificial and synthetic ingredients.
All ingredients in NutriBiotic formulas are derived from natural sources. However, this does not mean that they are not synthesized or refined. Natural ingredients are neither inherently safer nor of better quality, and often natural ingredients are less effective than their synthetic counterparts. An all-natural soap would be made from lye, ash, and animal tallow, none of which are good for your skin.

Is your Super Shower Gel phosphate free?
Yes, NutriBiotic formulas contain no phosphates. They are also free of sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamide DEA, free chlorine derivatives, colorings, and paraben preservatives.

The NutriBiotic Story
In 1980, after nearly ten years in the nutritional supplement industry, NutriBiotic was founded based on the principle that everyone deserves good health. Inspired by the research and recommendations of the world's only two-time Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, Ph.D., they began work on development of a variety of forms and dosages of Vitamin C and other nutrients. They felt that the public should have the best possible variety of the best possible nutrients at the best possible price, and their initial successes with their family of products showed that you thought so too.

Soon after NutriBiotic began filling the need for quality nutritional supplements, they found another need - the need for high quality, nutrient dense protein in a hypoallergenic form for the chemical and food sensitive individual. Their Rice Protein powder meets that need without soy, milk, egg, wheat or yeast.

In 1987 NutriBiotic pioneered the process and use of grapefruit seed extract. You will find the fruits of their labors in their range of products containing Citricidal, including their skin cleansers, shower gel and bubble bath, dental gel, deodorant stick, foot powder, multi-purpose liquid concentrate, CapsulesPlus, and more.

The folks at NutriBiotic stand committed to providing the very best for you and your family and are pleased to be able to offer you an ever-expanding range of quality nutritional supplements and personal care formulas developed with the intent of protecting and enhancing your health.

Suggested Use

Lather head-to-toe for a luxurious shampoo experience. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Purified water; sodium C12-14 olefin sulfonate; cocamidopropyl betaine; sodium cocoyl sarcosinate; soyamidopropylkonium chloride; Citricidal (grape seed extract); extracts of comfrey, chamomile, calendula, cucumber, and horsetail; magnesium/iron/zinc/copper/silicon glycopeptides; tissue respiratory factors; hydroxypropyl trimonium vegetable protein; tocopherol acetate; citric acid; sodium chloride; sodium benzoate; potassium sorbate; and fragrance.

Free of sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamide DEA, free chlorine derivatives, colorings, and paraben preservatives.

What people say:
" Hands down, this is probably the best shower gel I have every used. It has a nice clean smell, lathers well, and does not dry out my skin. I also put it in a pump dispenser and use it as a hand soap. GREAT stuff!" - Eddie