Kickstart 140g

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Kickstart 140g

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This robust and flavorful superfood upgrade drink that is ideal served hot or cold. It makes a great coffee substitute or add in ingredient to other beverages. There is a small amount of caffeine in it, although the main effect these herbs have is helping support and nourish the energy centers of the body.

Kick Start is one of our most popular blends. Not only does it taste great, it has helped many people kick their coffee habit. If youre looking for new ways of increasing energy without the negative effects that other stimulating beverages may have, Kick Start is perfect for you.

Ingredients: Chaga Mushroom, Ramon Nut*, Roasted Yerba Mate*, Raw Cacao*, Sarsaparilla*, Maca*, Roasted Dandelion* and Guarana*.
Wild Harvested

  • Robust and Flavourful
  • Energy Nourishing
  • Coffee Substitute
  • Chocolate Chaga Maca

Favourite way to use:1 tbsp. of Kickstart, 1tbsp. of Coconut oil and 1tsp. of honey in a 10-12oz cup of hot water, almond mylk or herbal tea. Blend well and enjoy.