Klear Kidney Cleanse Tincture 50mL - Harmonic Arts

Klear Kidney Cleanse Tincture 50mL - Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts
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Bolster kidney function and ease urinary tract discomfort with our Klear Kidney formula.

  • Soothes minor pain, burning or irritation caused by UTIs.
  • Minimizes bladder inflammation.
  • Prevents urinary tract infections and flushes out toxins.
  • Featuring Juniper Berry, Uva Ursi and Cornsilk, diuretic herbs traditionally used to stimulate and purify the kidneys and liver.

Try our Kidney Klear blend if you’re experiencing infection or inflammation of the urinary tract.


Made with Organic Cane Alcohol, Canadian Spring Water, and  

*Uva Ursi 1:5, QCE 66mg
*Cleavers 1:6, QCE 36.667mg
*Juniper Berries 1:5, QCE 44mg
*Cornsilk 1:6, QCE 18.333mg
*Birch Leaf 1:6, QCE 18.33mg