Multi-Biome™ Multi Source Probiotic 30Caps - Researched Nutritionals

Multi-Biome™ Multi Source Probiotic 30Caps - Researched Nutritionals

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Multi-Biome™ is a combination spore and non-spore (traditional live strain) probiotic, with each strain supported by specific research. Multi-Biome™ is formulated to specifically promote healthy intestinal histamine, immune, cytokine and digestive functions. Efficacy and safety are guaranteed, as each strain is genomically sequenced.

Multi-Biome™ incorporates the latest capsule and bottle technology, ensuring maximum efficacy of the traditional live strains:

  • Delayed-release capsule ensures the probiotics are not released until the capsule passes beyond the stomach
  • Desiccant-lined bottle to protect the non-spore (live) strains from moisture

Mechanisms of Action

  • Promotes healthy microbial balance*
  • Decreases histamine levels in the intestine*
  • Promotes healthy cytokine activity*
  • Supports regulation of digestion*
  • Supports healthy immune function and immune balance*
  • Works via competitive exclusion of harmful bacteria*

Historically, humans received their probiotics from their foods (raw or fermented vegetables). Vegetables, grains, and fruits, grown in healthy soil and eaten directly from the farm would contain soil-based probiotics. However, modern farming techniques, pesticides, herbicides and over processing have mostly eliminated any natural probiotics from vegetables found in the supermarket. Soil based probiotics, because of their ability to form a protective spore, are naturally heat-stable, dairy-free, and hormone-free. This makes them great candidates for supplementation as they do not require refrigeration and can survive through the stomach acid when ingested. Safety for humans has been established by double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials.

Live strain probiotics typically found in cultured food such as yogurt, also have many proven health benefits. However, since they do not have the protection of a spore, they are much more delicate and susceptible to heat and the harsh environment in the stomach. They require special consideration when being used in a supplement to ensure efficacy.

Which is Better: Spore vs. Non-Spore? - For optimal health, you will benefit by consuming both forms.

Why Multi-Biome™

  • Combines the best of the spore-based strains and traditional live strains, eliminating the need for taking multiple probiotics
  • All strains supported by published research and sequenced for specificity
  • Multi-Biome™ incorporates the latest capsule technology to increase the live strains ability to pass the stomach acid unharmed
  • Multi-Biome’s non-spore L. rhamnosus GG and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07 strains were chosen for histamine management benefits PLUS their superior ability to withstand harsh environments*
  • Multi-Biome™ utilizes the latest desiccant lined bottle technology, reducing oxygen and moisture during storage, thus eliminating the need for refrigeration while improving shelf stability.